Terms and conditions


These terms define the process of ordering, payment, delivery, return and complaint claims, copyright protection and general business terms for purchasing of a product/service offered in this Internet store. tp-line.aktiva-info.hr can be used free of charge for your personal use according to the following conditions and terms. The seller is TP LINE d.o.o., the buyer is a visitor of this site who fulfills an electronic order and effectuates a payment via debit/credit card or by cash on delivery.


The buyer orders a product via electronic order form. After the buyer has ordered tickets, they shall remain on reservation for 30 minutes and within that period, the payment confirmation is expected. If the payment is not effectuated within 30 minutes, the purchase is canceled. The buyer shall be considered any person who orders at least one product electronically, imputs requested data and sends an order. All the prices are in EUR. Tickets are ordered electronically by imputing desired number of tickets to the specified place. Tickets are considered ordered when the buyer choses and confirms payment option. Order can not be changed after the purchase is complete.


The ordered product or service are paid on-line by one of these debit/credit cards: MasterCard®, Maestro®, Visa or American Express®.


The seller is obliged to send tickets to the buyer's e-mail address as soon as the seller receives confirmation of on-line transaction. If the buyer does not receive a message with tickets to his e-mail address within expected time, the buyer is entitled to inform the seller of this so that measures can be taken for the tickets to be sent to his e-mail address subsequently. If the buyer refuses to accept the goods he ordered, the seller is entitled to request from the buyer a reimbursement of any cost related to the delivery.


Refund is possible only in case of delayed departure of the ship for which the ticket was purchased. The delay may be caused by the failure or adverse weather conditions. Refunds are realized execution steps mentioned in the link Instructions for refund. If there are grounds for a refund, the money will be refunded to the buyers account.


If the buyer is not satisfied with complaint resolution by the tp-line.aktiva-info.hr, he is entitled to a court arbitrage. Such cases shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Court in Split.


The buyer/visitor commits not to copy without authorization and/or publish any material subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights, without explicit permission of the owner of such rights.


TP LINE d.o.o. reserves the right to change the terms and regulations. The buyer bears responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of data imputed during the purchase services provided by tp-line.aktiva-info.hr Internet store do not include cost of using computer equipment and services required to access our Internet site. In case of any problem, please report it to our Contact center (by telephone or e-mail) so we can eliminate it in the quickest way possible.