Steps for refund

Full refund is possible only in case of cancellation and substantial delay of the departure of the line for which the ticket was purchased. Delay or cancellation can be caused by a malfunction the vessel or adverse weather conditions. If there are grounds for a refund, the money will be refunded to the buyer.
TP Line is not responsible for the errors and omissions made by the customer and those will not be accepted as a basis for a full refund. Errors caused by the customer include incorrectly selected date of sailing, wrong route selected or wrongly selected tickets.
Tickets purchased by an omission, or an error can be returned with a deduction of 10% of the total invoice amount. Request for such a refund should be sent at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled trip, refund requests sent later than 6 hours before the voyage start will not be considered as valid.
The purchased tickets cannot be exchanged for another date or departure time, they can only be refunded as per above, in those situations you are kindly asked to apply for a refund and purchase additional tickets for another date.

Steps for refund:
  1. If you are applying for a refund, please make sure you send your request to our e-mail The refund request should include name and surname of the buyer, order number, route, time and date of departure. The ticket should be attached to the email in recognizable format (.pdf, .jpg, .png).
  2. In case of a valid reason for the refund the money will be refunded to your account. The time needed for money to transfer to your account may take up to a month.